Coöperation City Terminal

The City Terminal is a Coöperation of 
– Rotterdam Short Sea Terminals (RST)
– Rail Service Center (RSC)
– Kramer
– Mainport Container Service (MCS)
– Matrans Rotterdam Terminal (MRT)


The business activities that are carried out on and alongside this port area, such as with moving vehicles and equipment, entail serious risks of damage to persons and property (including vehicles, ships and cargo). Anyone who enters or moors at this port area (including the buildings, the quay wall and the ships moored therein) does so expressly at their own risk. We urge you to be extremely vigilant and not to stay unnecessarily in places where work is being done, under loads and in secluded areas.
We exclude liability for any and all damages however caused. The companies located here and the (auxiliary) persons employed by them are not liable for damage to persons or property. There can only be liability if the damage was caused intentionally. If you do not understand or do not accept the contents of this notice, you should not enter or moor at our port area.

Everyone on and alongside the port site must comply with the latest version of the regulations established by City Terminal, including the CITY SAFETY AND TERRAIN REGULATIONS;
Everyone is obliged to cooperate in checking the contents of the vehicles on our port site for, among other things, stolen/unauthorized items;
The General Terms and Conditions of the company for which you are visiting the City Terminal apply to your visit to and stay on/around our port area;
The aforementioned CITY SAFETY AND TERRAIN REGULATIONS and the aforementioned General Terms and Conditions will be provided to you free of charge upon your first request. These are also available at the security lodge and at the driver’s desk and can be viewed and downloaded here.
By entering and/or mooring at our port area, you indicate that you understand the contents of this announcement and the CITY SAFETY AND TERRAIN REGULATIONS and the aforementioned General Terms and Conditions and that you accept that the companies located here and the (auxiliary) employees employed by them persons can invoke it against you.

Terms and conditions

Here you can download the Terms and Conditions per Terminal


Here you can download a workpermit

Terrain Overview

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